We have lots of tires in stock but what ever we don’t have we can special order for you. Some of the brands that we carry are Dunlop, Metzler, and Avon, but if you prefer another brand we would be more than happy to order it for you.

  • Installation is $120 for front tires and $140 for rear.
  • If you buy tires from us and bring us the wheel off the bike there will be $35 charge for wheels off bike.
  • There will be a $20.00 surcharge fee on customer supplied tires.
    • If you bring in the wheel with your supplied tires to mount and balanced tire is $35.00 installation fee.
    • If you bring in the bike with supplied tires there will be $20.00 surcharge on tire plus the installation charge.
  • California charges $1.75 per tire on top of the price of the tire.
  • There will be a $10.00 tire disposal fee added to all tire installation per tire.
  • All tires that have tubes will need new tubes.
  • All tires with rubber valve stem will need new valve stems.
  • Tires install on bikes are estimated on individual basis varying from $40-$120 per tire installation.

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